A very brief history of Delta Tau Delta at GVSU

On a cold night in February 2011, eighteen men came together to create something for the future.  Although these men did not know each other, they already shared a bond with one another. This bond was and is Delta Tau Delta. The small fraternity in its infancy was already gaining momentum.  The group of excellent, diverse, driven men quickly began the plan to become the most excellent fraternity on campus within less than two years. Now, still growing, Delta Tau Delta has achieved all of its goals of excellence.  Delta tau Delta at GVSU has received awards for highest GPA of all Greek organizations on campus, and has achieved a commanding presence for the community service minded nature of all the brothers. 

The future is bright for Delta Tau Delta at GVSU.  The passion that all the brothers have for constant, positive change will continue to drive this fraternity to greater and greater heights.  

We are Excellent.  We are Powerful.  We are Delts.